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The Role of a Successful Blended Instructor

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The Role of a Successful Blended Instructor

Alisa Cooper and Patricia McGee


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In this session, you will discuss issues that exist and emerge in developing and delivering a blended course, and that affect the success and effectiveness of online instructors. Participants will share real-life experiences and knowledge, and will hear practical suggestions and recommendations for addressing common course design issues, as well as management strategies that work.





  • What is the most challenging aspect of a blended course for an instructor?Entry level skills and abilities in terms of technology, teaching; providing students with choices 
  • How can instructors be supported in their role? Showing tech and its role in the classroom; give big picture workshop spread over time rather than bits and pieces; consider your workload and performance requirements; observation of courses? mentoring? 
  • When or how do blended courses fail for faculty? Failing/ not learning? No one signs up? Drop-out? Not satisfying?  Using wrong tech for learning objective; unprepared students 
  • In general what should every instructor make most important in their blended course? Make sure course is a good fit and blended is being used for the right reason. 
  • How do you re-create interaction and engagement of classroom? 
  • What do you do if: cheating, don't participate, second language learners, cover materials too quickly, created a course and a half?  enough tech=consider time

  • Should faculty have competencies to teach blended? Baseline skills and abilities for teaching overall in your subject area; technology fluency; 


    Attributes of a successful blended instructor:

    • Flexibility - scheduling, responding to students, open to technology, able to adapt/adopt
    • Giving up control - letting students take responsibility 
    • Be really prepared - understand the difference and be ready
    • Accept context - access to online resources and information
    • Be open to change 



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