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Blending Assessments for Optimizing Learning

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Blending Assessments for Optimizing Learning

Patricia McGee

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Bringing it full circle, in this session you will develop creative assessment practices, such as the use of case studies, authentic assessments based in real-life application of concepts, and collaborative activities that move away from the traditional use of tests and quizzes. You will also discuss the design and use of rubrics as a technique for assessing projects and collaborative activities. 


Presentation  Presentation  (.pptx) 
  1. Feedback and Instructor Time-Savers (.pdf)
  2. Chat Conventions (.docx) can be modified for your use
  3. Assessment Types (.pdf)
  4. Bloom's + Assessment (.pdf)
  5. BB Assessment Development (.pdf) includes Bloom's 
  6. Example: Learning Module w/ Assessments (.pdf) 
  7. Mapping, Part 3 


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