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Blended Course Examples

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Blended Course Examples


Some of the following have multiple courses from several disciplines.


  Business  Liberal Arts  Education  Math & Science  Fine & Applied Arts  Professional Studies
NCAT's Replacement Model Courses*  
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and Desire2Learn (use hybfac as username & password go to Hybrid Guest)    
Imagining for the Web          
Introduction to Human Anatomy & Physiology  
Human Anatomy Lab          
Traffic Signal Timing       √     
Planning & Creating Blended & Online Courses          
Learning Theory          
Spanish 1
Designing a Blended School Law Course        
Financial Accounting
Training & Management (description of the blend)   √           
American Philosophy  (description of the blend)     √         
Management of Organizations (description of the blend)   √           
Political Science (video)          
Ethnic Studies          
Women's Studies          
Technical Writing          


Course Syllabi:


* The National Center for Academic Transformation has funded and supported course re-design since 1999. The replacement model fall under a blended/hybrid format. While course syllabi are not provided, descriptions of the revision process and strategies for course design are shared.

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